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Bush’s Mortgage Aid – Too Little Too Late?

Posted on 17. Sep, 2007 by .


If you’ve listened to the news at all lately, you’ve probably heard a lot of talk about the effects of the subprime mortgage crisis. In a nutshell, the crisis began last month when many subprime mortgage owners were forced to foreclose on their homes. Many of these homeowners entered into “subprime” mortgages, meaning that the […]

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Is Credit Card Debt a Myth

Posted on 12. Aug, 2007 by .


According to Liz Weston over at MSN Money, the statistics regarding the average American’s credit card debt is a lie. She cites a GfK Roper poll released in June at CreditCards.com that purported to detail Americans’ relationships with credit cards. By some estimates, the average American household has over $9,300 in credit card debt. Yet, […]

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The Student Loan Debacle

Posted on 06. Aug, 2007 by .


If you have a student loan, or are preparing to take one out for yourself or your kids, you might be interested in a recent article over at the WSJ about how one student loan firm’s slogan of “conflict free” is making waves. Wait! You mean student loans firms are NOT conflict free? Not all […]

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How to Start Building Credit: Secured Credit Cards

Posted on 20. Jun, 2007 by .


A friend of mine at work recently asked me an interesting question. He’s here in the US temporarily on a “global exchange program” and was wondering how to start building his credit so that he could eventually take out a car loan, buy a condo, or just get a credit card with some points. It […]

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Why the “Latte Factor” Doesn’t Work

Posted on 21. May, 2007 by .


I know what you’re thinking, “Blasphemy!” But before you burn me at the stake for preaching against the “Latte Factor” give me a chance to explain. For those of you who may not know, the “Latte Factor” refers to the little things you can do to save money. If you ever turn on a morning […]

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