Accountants Who Blog

Posted on 30. Sep, 2005 by in Accounting

I bet you thought there weren’t any out there, didn’t you? Well, I didn’t think blogging accountants existed either, but apparently I’m wrong. I for one am one who enjoys using technology to enhance business – any business. Apparently there are a handful of other accountants who have decided to leverage technology to their advantage – by getting tax and accounting knowledge to those who need it. This story outlines a few such accountant bloggers and even identifies some unique niche blogs that are being written – such as a blog devoted to Sarbanes-Oxley or Business Valuation. It just goes to show that people are searching for financial information on the web and accountants are just now starting to realize this and join the blogging bandwagon. I appreciate their efforts and hope that more accountants join the small force of accounting bloggers.

2 Responses to “Accountants Who Blog”

  1. Gerald

    01. Oct, 2005

    An accountant saying hi!

  2. HART (1-800-HART)

    21. Nov, 2005

    Good Luck from the Great White North, eh? And contrats on Round3 induction. As you know, there are good reasons why there aren’t too many accountant blogs out there. Lots of “splogs” about accounting and bookkeeping though. It’s the same reason why my own blog is often confusing and off-tangent at times (client confidentiality, privacy act, common sense to keep things out of the public eye, etc)

    HART (another accountant saying Hi)

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