The Check’s in the Mail

Posted on 11. Nov, 2005 by in Taxes

We’ve all heard it before, “The check’s in the mail,” but this time it’s true. On October 25, 2005 the IRS reported that 84,000 people have uncollected tax refunds that could not be delivered in 2005 simply waiting to be claimed. So before you start the paperwork for next years’ taxes – be sure that you’ve received the refund you deserved from last year. Apparently $73 million remains uncollected with the average check being $871. In order to see if some of that pile of money is yours be sure to check out the IRS’s site “Where’s My Refund?” Here you’ll be able to enter your personal information to find out if you’re a lucky winner.

If you want to make sure that your check doesn’t get lost in the mail this year of if it turns out that you do have an outstanding loan to the government still outstanding, then take these steps to make sure that it doesn’t happen again:

  1. Sign up for direct deposit – it’s easy painless, prevents check fraud, and your refund will come much faster
  2. File a change of address form – if you happen to move in the months following April take a minute to tell the IRS along with your cable company
  3. Be sure to enter your personal information correctly… the first time – you would be amazed at how many people misspell their street address. Money is involved here people! Check that address one last time…
  4. If you notice that your $800 refund hasn’t arrived after two months, contact the IRS – don’t wait three years to finally realize that you never got your refund. Be proactive and aware of your financial situation including money that you are expecting. Write yourself a note if you have to.

That’s it. It’s that easy. Follow those simple steps and your chances of getting your check lost in the mail will drop dramatically!

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