Have a Financial Question? Ask it Here!

Posted on 29. Nov, 2005 by in Site News

Bright IdeasThanks to Lindsay at dizzyisland I’ve created a small email form in order to accept topic suggestions from anyone visiting the site. I usually blog about things that I encounter during the day but the site was created for you – so if you want to know about a certain subject please feel free to suggest a topic and I’ll do my best to cover it.

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  1. Lindsay

    29. Nov, 2005

    Awesome! Thanks for hooking that up, I’ll be submitting stuff all the time, you’re going to get tired of me! I’ll have to start using sneaky aliases so you don’t know it’s me, hee hee!

    By the way, should I submit my topics again via the form, or was my e-mail good enough?

  2. Margo Drozda

    05. Jul, 2007

    I am going to retire at 62. I have enough in my IRA
    accounts so that i will not have any problems.
    However, I will need to pay for my health care until
    I am old enough for medicare and i do not want to use
    money from my retirement fund. Is it a good move to take a home equity line of credit for about 10,000 and invest it to pay for this expense? Or should I stay away from
    something along those lines?
    Thank you

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