Not Quite Sure How to Pay Your Maid?

Posted on 13. Dec, 2005 by in Saving & Investing

Do you have a nanny or butler? Neither do I – but for those of my readers who do, I understand that accounting for eldercare providers, nannies, and other domestic employees can be difficult on your own. In fact, GTM Associates reports that household employers spend up to 60 hours annually managing their employees’ taxes and payroll issues. Fortunately there are several alternatives.

You could purchase payroll software developed especially for household employers, such as Essentia Software’s NannyPay 2005.

You can also contract with one of several Internet-based services that provide tax and payroll specifically services for household employers. Here are a list of some of the services available. Check out their websites for details.

GTM Associates
Nanny Taxes
Paperwork Pro

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