The Worst Personal Finance Programs of 2005

Posted on 22. Dec, 2005 by in Saving & Investing

Terri Cullen over at the WSJ posted a hilarious article today about the worst personal finance programs of the year. I won’t say much about the article because you should just head over and read it, but I wanted to highlight the list. Feel free to comment if you think something else should be added.

  1. Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit
  2. The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)
  3. Credit Card Fees
  4. Bankruptcy Reform

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see which programs banks and government agencies will start or “reform” in order to “help” you and I save money and… sorry, I just can’t finish that with a straight face.

Government Reform, Medicare, AMT, Credit Card Fees, Bankruptcy

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