Poll Time

Posted on 06. Jan, 2006 by in Site News

That’s right – it’s Beancounter Blog’s first poll. I want to help make this blog as strong as it can be — and part of that includes delivering content tailored to my readers (that’s you by the way). So I’ve put this little poll together to gather some insights from you, my readers, regarding what sort of topics you would like to see more of. Be sure to check it out (it’s on the right in the sidebar) and cast your vote!

And, as always, please feel free to send me other feedback you may have regarding what you like or dislike about the site. And as always, thanks for your support!

2 Responses to “Poll Time”

  1. Ron Ares

    06. Jan, 2006

    I’m a big fan of your posts and plan on pointing readers to you. Thanks for the poll.

  2. Jason

    06. Jan, 2006

    Thanks – I appreciate the comment. I really hope that with everyone’s help we can make this a great resource for people.

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