The Criminal Potential of Payday Loans

Posted on 19. Jan, 2006 by in News

I wrote about the dangers of payday loans and their financial prostitution a few weeks ago but I thought I would share a real world example of what can happen when you rely on short-term loans.

As I was watching the evening news last week I laughed as I saw an amateur theif jump trhough the teller window of a payday loan store and steal the money from the small vault using a toy gun. Because the woman working at the time recognized the man as a customer from the previous week, she was able to quickly identify him after the crime and the police were able to beat him home. However, my laughter quickly subsided as they flashed the picture of the man who had committed the crime – Junior Fea. The man lived a block away from me, belonged to my local church, and had two small children. I had often talked to him at church functions and found him to be a very nice guy with a charming family. The story, which you can read here, is just a sad example of what can happen when you let your personal finances drag you down to the point where even payday loans aren’t enough and you’re forced to committ crimes in order to “survive.”

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