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Posted on 25. Jan, 2006 by in Saving & Investing

While browsing every day I inevitably come across at least one great deal each day. And since this blog is dedicated to helping you make, and save, your money – I thought that sharing with you my “Deal of the Day” would help that cause.

Today’s Deal of the Day: Super-Duper Savings Accounts

Why is everyone looking for CDs and Money-Market Funds? Because interest rates have been so low that keeping money in the bank has been a joke. Well, if you’re looking for a decent yield on a savings account take a look at Internet banks.

Several banks are offering annual percentage yields (APYs) of 4% or more – which is significantly better than most traditional banks who are offering around 1% according to The average one-year CDs which are much less flexible than savings accounts, are earning around 4.2%.

The following is a list of Internet Banks and their appropriate interest rates. The accounts are easy to set up and easy to transfer money to and from your normal checking account.

Bank APR Minimum Deposit Other Details 4.25% $1 No fees or service charges.

You can opt to get an HSBC ATM card linked to your account.

First Fed Direct 4.25% $1 No fees or service charges.
Emigrant Direct 4.00% $1 No fees or service charges.
ING Direct 3.80% $1 No fees or service charges.

You’ll get $10 for each friend you refer who opens an account with an initial deposit of $250 or more.

* Rankings provided by’s Money Market/Savings Account 100 Highest Yields


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