12 Daily Pro Scandel Continues

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For those who may have missed it, 12 Daily Pro is a textbook example of a Ponzi scheme. The site is one of many that have surfaced over the years alleging that by spending 5 minutes a day surfing the internet, you can make a %12 daily return on your investment. The program works – for a little while – because those ridiculous returns are paid for using the money from the shmucks who just signed up. The cycle continues until the house of cards collapses. And the house of 12 Daily Pro is collapsing right now.

A few weeks ago, students at Brigham Young University began to get involved in the scheme – and even recommended it to friends. Many invested hundreds and thousands of dollars into the Ponzi scheme. That is, until school officials heard of the recent flurry of student activity and the dean of the Marriott School of Management threatened to expel any student participating in the program – due to its unethical and illegal nature. As more and more people realized that a 12% daily return is unrealistic and that 12 Daily Pro was nothing more than a scam, the FBI began to get involved. Soon after, the payment system that 12 Daily Pro used to pay its members froze payments and all payments to members stopped. One member realized that the house of cards was collapsing and decided to track down the owner of the “business,” Charis Johnson, in North Carolina.

After searching her apartment, the headquarters of the “business,” and various other places, the man (with a channel 4 news team) was unable to find her. However, when he was about to give up he was given a tip about another place where she could live. They met her husband who became upset and called his wife. They spoke with Charis over the phone where she got increasingly hostile about the man’s search for answers. She threatened him and the news station with a lawsuit although they had done nothing wrong. She even took it one step further, asking her 12 Daily Pro lemmings flood the news station with calls and emails – telling them that the station had manipulated what she had said and acted illegally.

ABC 4 Utah has posted numerous video updates on this story which are hilarious to watch. Although it’s tragic that so many people (including entire church congregations) were sucked into Charise Johnson’s scam, it is interesting to see how a fraudster begins to act when she is caught. I wouldn’t be surprised if she skipped the country and was never heard from again. Check out the videos to see the interviews with Charise and her lawyer and enjoy a good laugh at their rationalizations and excuses for scamming thousand of people out of millions of dollars.

UPDATE: Be sure to check out the newest post “The 12 Daily Pro Beast is Dead” to read about its SEC investigation and demise.

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4 Responses to “12 Daily Pro Scandel Continues”

  1. Fermin

    06. Mar, 2006

    Well I’m glad to see you will be on your toes when the next scam comes, to warn everybody…

  2. muhammad munir

    15. Mar, 2006

    I am also the victim of 12 daily pro. I come from indonesia where dollar is expensive here. I join 12 daily pro because i want to get rich fast with dollar coming into my pocket. My last investment was $6000 ! A very big money in my country. but now it dissapears in a second.

    Good bye….. 12 daily pro….. why you make me poor?
    what’s wrong with you? how dare you suck money from poor?

  3. STOPthePOPN

    13. May, 2006

    I want to let everyone know about the POWER OF PEOPLE NETWORK scam. It has recently had some TV & newspaper attention.


    Dallas/Fort Worth, TX: Woman Loses Thousands In Pyramid Scheme – http://www.nbc5i.com/video/9182324/index.html#

    Dallas/Fort Worth, TX: WFAA Channel 8 Investigates http://www.wfaa.com/sharedcontent/VideoPlayer/videoPlayer.php?vidId=64642&catId=104

    Corsicana, Texas: Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas – Web of deceit? – http://www.corsicanadailysun.com/local/local_story_130102448.html?keyword=secondarystory

    Philidelphia, PA: NBC10.com – Local News – The Investigators: Woman Says ‘Gifting Program’ Took Last Dime – http://www.nbc10.com/news/9180219/detail.html

    Some reporters are calling it The Power of the People Network, but it should say POWER OF PEOPLE NETWORK without “the” in the middle.

    There is a grassroots organization that is assisting victims in their quest for justice. You can contact them at stop.the.popn (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. muhamad sukballs

    01. Nov, 2008

    To Munir, you stupid stupid boy/girl, you should understand the risks of playing in this sort of shceme! Don’t blame them, you are just dumb to believe that money falls from the sky.

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