Pestering Your Customers

Posted on 23. Feb, 2006 by in Business

imvu.jpgWhere do you draw the line between inviting and pestering customers?

I recently signed up for an account at IMVU – a graphical avatar-based chat service. The service is based upon an interesting concept of creating a 3-D avatar that can be used to chat with. I used the service once but couldn’t really see myself using it because there’s too much to change and I’m interested more in what people have to say than the smileys, waves, and other various guestures.

However, for the past few weeks I have received at least one email every 4 days with the subject of, “Where are you?” The first one was understandable, but after receiving about 4 of these emails the company has moved into the realm of annoying. I understand I haven’t been back – and there’s a reason. If I want to return I will, and your constant pestering is not going to change my mind.

But the emails brought up an interesting idea: when does customer care become annoying? At what point to you trust your customers that they’ll ask questions if they have any, or come back if they feel like it? Another example is the way FedEx has handled my business account. Every month they usually give me a call and ask if everything is all right, if I plan on shipping any more packages, etc. Although the calls are only once a month, they seem like once a week and have become a little annoying. However, if I were having problems with my shipping needs I would probably appreciate their helpfulness.

What do you think? Where’s the line?

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