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As you may or may not have known I have used my love of salsas, hot sauces, and BBQ fixin’s to start a little side business called Southwestern Spice. The site was up for about 6 months and mainly served friends, family, and referrals but since I’ll be moving soon for a new job opportunity I wanted to rid my office of cases of salsa.

Having heard about the large number of sites sold on the forums I decided to post my site up for sale there. Unfortunately, my experience has not been as great as others and has left a bad taste in my mouth for the users of Sitepoint.

The auction began great – I received a number of offers, PMs, and IMs regarding the site and accompanying inventory. The most interested bidder even called me to talk about shelf life, inventory, my relationship with my salsa maker, etc. The man was a retired businessman and was excited about starting his own little side business while in retirement. He won the auction but failed to contact me. After about 3 or 4 days and numerous emails, and PMs he finally responded with,

Jason, I’m sorry I am no longer interested, my wife does not want to get back in business again even as a hobby, so to keep peace in the family I must withdraw the bid.
Thanks for your consideration

I was understandably upset. Not only was I up against a deadline with my host (I was moving host companies) but I had begun packing the inventory and collecting the necessary files to transfer to the new owner. I was mostly upset at the lack of integrity. In any other situation the auction would have been clearly considered a valid business contract and could have been enforced. I was upset that a retired businessman would a) not do the research into the feasibility of running the business and b) withdraw a bid and cancel our agreement without another thought. Strike 1.

I then contacted the next highest bidder who said he was still interested in the site and would deposit the necessary funds into my PayPal account. Well, it’s now been 5 days with no response. Strike 2.

This was my first experience with and am afraid to use the forums again for fear of the same results. I know that the internet makes many transactions anonymous so that people can do things they normally couldn’t without being caught. I just hope that the use of the internet doesn’t lead to a decline in integrity and honesty as demonstrated by my experiences.

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  1. Thomas

    28. Feb, 2006

    in my opinion is still the only reliable site for offering a domain/project though chances are smaller due to the hight amount of listings but the standardized selling process guarantees a clean transaction.

  2. Konstantinos

    28. Feb, 2006

    Ouch, that sucks.

    Seems to me like they should implement a new policy wherein the winning bidder should paypal 10% (15%?) to the seller within 10 hours or else the bid is invalid.

    Of course, the seller can ask for this upfront in the initial post, regardless of whethere such a policy is implemented or not.

  3. Jason

    31. Jul, 2006

    Now there is a SitePoint strike going on:

  4. Loan

    09. Aug, 2006

    Great site!

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