The 12 Daily Pro Beast is Dead!

Posted on 28. Feb, 2006 by in Fraud & Scams

lemmings.jpgABC 4 in Salt Lake City reported yesterday that 12 Daily Pro – the now infamous Ponzi scheme – is finally closing its doors – for good.

Ever since their payment system – StormPay – froze roughly $50 million in payments Charis Johnson has been defending the site’s legitimacy. The illegal Ponzi scheme has been an interesting phenomenon due to the strong religion affiliations with the site. Most of the members are very religious – something Charis Johnson used to her advantage. These faithful members have also zealously defended their leader – almost to the point of looking like a prophet’s disciples. Unfortunately for Charis, however, the FBI, local authorities, the consumers affairs office, the SEC, and others have gotten involved and her sick game is coming to an end – but not without ruining thousands of lives of her faithful.

As I’ve followed 12 Daily Pro over the past few weeks, it has been sad to see the members of the site so confused and almost “brainwashed.” They refuse to believe that their fearless leader could be anything but perfect. In fact, Charis recently posted a link in the 12 Daily Pro forums to a new site that will contain news about new sites she is planning to open. New sites? How many people does she need to scam? The saddest part, however, is the reaction from here members. For example:

I knew it 12 daily pro will be sacrificed in order for us to get our refunds.
So a new website will see the light Grin … but the name of 12 daily pro and Charis shall remain in our thoughts and everyone’s thought…

Like I’ve said before a true act of heroism from Charis that I will NEVER forget

Same here. Count me in too. I knew right away as soon as I joined 12DP that Charis is a great and honorable leader. No matter what business you start you will always have our trust Chief and I will join you in new business adventure.
God Bless You My Friend.
PS: Please take some rest. You really need one.

I so respect everything you have done, and we will follow you anywhere. Someday we will all see the truth in what this lesson has taught us, and we will have built an unshakable foundation for the world to see. You are one awesome lady!

After reading some of these responses I’m left speechless. The only word that comes to mind is “Lemming.” Or maybe the Pied Piper. Or maybe cult? These people are blindly following a fraudster right into another trap. It’s so sad…

UPDATE: Charis seems to be at it again – teasing her followers with promises of a new scam program. Unfortunately she’s breaking her court order just talking about it. Read the entire story here.

20 Responses to “The 12 Daily Pro Beast is Dead!”

  1. Bianca

    03. Mar, 2006

    I was introduced to 12Daily by people I trusted. Although I believed it was too good to be true I did it anyway. I am new investor and although I lost $1000 dollars I am not stopping to look for legitamate ways of making money. I unlike others was quick to realize that I made a BIG boo boo.

  2. Miko9

    03. Mar, 2006

    I lost $300 –

    I’lll just go back to work now and EARn my money/


  3. Stan

    04. Mar, 2006


    ~~~~~~~~Well i’m down £8000~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~That’s every last penny~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~to my name. I wonder if~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~the FBI and the SEC will be~~~~~~
    ~~~~able to get me any of my money~~~~
    ~~~back? I sure hope so but i’m not~~~
    ~~holding my breath. That’s life eh?~~

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~Sucks to be me~~~~~~~~~~~~

  4. Jasson

    04. Mar, 2006

    I made about 2000$ profit of what I spent.
    Im still working with other sites. You just have to be carefull with these things.

  5. Fermin

    06. Mar, 2006

    I’m not defending charis johnson or her scam.But is’nt it
    funny how people comeout of the woodwork like rats to warn
    the public of this kind of thing AFTER the fact. Like they
    had this information all the time. What a bunch of cockaroaches…..

  6. Jason Guthrie

    06. Mar, 2006

    AFTER the fact??

    Let me just be the first to say that the old saying is correct: if it’s too good to be true – it probably is. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that 12% daily return is too good to be true. We didn’t come out of the woodwork afterwards. We’re just using this as one MORE example of a scam that is too good to be true, yet too many people get suckered in. That’s one reason this blog is here – to help educate people about personal finance – how to make and keep your money the right way. People have been preaching this for decades. In fact, 12 Daily Pro is called a Ponzi scheme after the original Ponzi scheme was perpetrated in the early 1900’s! Over 100 years ago! I, and my fellow cockroaches are just trying to use this example as one more warning to others – because you can bet that in a few years there will be another scam and people will say the same thing, “why wasn’t I warned?” Well, consider this your warning.

  7. delray

    07. Mar, 2006

    Jason said: I made about 2000$ profit of what I spent.
    Im still working with other sites. You just have to be carefull with these things.

    Let me just add that the $2000 is not profit. It is other peoples money stolen as part of this ponzi scheme = fraud. The FBI/SEC will be coming after any of these so-called profits based on what the Attorney General said this morning.

    This should create an interesting dynamic among friends, family and partitioners when some are claiming “profits” at the expense of those they brought into this scheme.

  8. muhammad munir

    08. Mar, 2006

    I am also the victim of 12 daily pro. I have invested a lot of money $6000 and lost!


    Please, for you all to know I am from Indonesia! Wow, American program comes to Indonesia….

  9. Jo Pellew

    08. Mar, 2006

    Hi there
    we too had interest in 12 daily Pro and the tentacles reached New Zealand and Yes the “goodness” that Charis portrayed certainly did encourage me to keep putting more money into the scheme and we are now trying to pay the credit card off that we used to pay for more upgrades. We were naive and now a little wiser… sometimes I think a situation like this is sent to teach us something….maybe that a fool and his money are soon parted?????

  10. Sue

    10. Mar, 2006

    Y’all just don’t get it.

    Charis never wanted to scam or hurt anyone. In fact, she really didn’t know what she was getting into as she entered this business. But – what she DID do, was to rely on her personal moral and ethical standards to run her business in the best ways possible. That meant crediting her members even though the site was down, and focusing on the customer service aspects of the business.

    I also know that she didn’t profit at all from the 12 Daily Pro business. She focused her time, energy and monies on making sure the members’ needs were met. She’s not living on a tropical island or living in a grand home somewhere. Rather, she’s one of us. A good person trying to do good for the world.

    Also, the 12 Daily Pro membership was NOT largely a religious following. Some religious folks did latch on because of Charis’ strong convictions, but many others were not of that persuasion.

    I encourage all who read to reserve judgement. Let facts speak on their own. Whether Charis and her staff were chasing a bad business model or not is important. So are her / their intentions. After seeing all the facts, I think you’ll see that mitigating interests and ideals are to blame for the SNAFU.

  11. Jason Guthrie

    10. Mar, 2006

    I’m sorry, but I can’t let my readers think that what Charis did was right in any way. What she did, orchestrated a Ponzi scheme, does not happen by accident – it takes planning. And her planning paid off since she skimmed $1.9 MILLION throughout the past few months according to details from the SEC and Justice Department. The business model she used is not a business model – it’s a scam model. This was not a snafu but a well-orchestrated scam that unfortunately cost many people $50 million. Hopefully we can all learn to look beyond a person’s outside appearance and examine the facts and their actions.

  12. Don

    29. Mar, 2006

    What about the Stormpay situation in all this.Along with what they did to 12dailypro they also stole money from thousands of peoples accounts including mine and when I queried it they promptly suspended my account.If they can do that to so many individuals, shouldn’t we be questioning what they have done to 12daily?

  13. james

    01. Apr, 2006

    i lost 1100$ with 12D.. 🙁

  14. Cedric

    11. Apr, 2006

    I saw friends were making money, and it looked so good that, I went out and put all my savings in this investment, and went with the maximum of $6,000. That was on the 27th of Jan. and before I could finish the surfing, they froze my money. I never made one dime, and now I’m in debt. I wish I can see this women face to face. I would make sure she gave me my money back. I can’t believe there’s actually people here defending this crook. Does anyone know how to help me find a way to get updates on this matter and maybe get on a list to retieve my money.

  15. Tonja Earles

    08. May, 2006

    Hi Cedric, go here if you have not done so.

    This is the receiver who took over the assets of 12 dailypro. He has a Question/Answer area at this website and much more information. Doesn’t look good for us who lost according to his question/answer posts.

    I lost $432. I flunked Stupidity and Greed 101.

    Well actually, it wasn’t my fault about getting out before the Stormpay fiasco. I simply couldn’t.

    Charis had dropped E-gold as a payment processor and we who had utilized them now had to apply and be verified with the now defunct payment processor EMOcorp. Hmmmmmm.

    Anyhow, since our E-gold was now floating in cyberspace (Charis’personal e-gold account ??) we had to wait about 3 weeks for Charis to transfer our gold into our EMO accounts so we could get our payouts. During that time frame is when Stormpay froze her account.

    Guess what, any of us who did not utilize Credit Cards or Stormpay lost our money/gold, because now I KNEW that Charis was not going to let go of OUR gold. She now knew she was in sheep dit and would need lawyers, money to live on, bail bonds, fines and such.

    I do feel for folks who lost thousands. That has got to hurt like hell. That $432 of e-gold I lost taught me a priceless lesson.

  16. Saracen

    15. Jul, 2006

    Hey… it’s all a game… so find out the rules before you play… and if you don’t like the rules or don’t feel comfortable then trust your instincts and don’t play… I lost a lot of money but I had a lot of fun with 12DP and would do it again… People play dangerous sports all the time… On motorbikes and mountains its about adrenalin and physical danger… on the internet its about excitement and money… I wonder how many of those opposed to 12DP would be on the forums if they had made money???

    And only a fools gamble with what they cannot afford to lose…

  17. Joel

    02. Oct, 2007

    A fool and his / her money are soon parted ! Accordingly, there’s a sucker boen every minute !

  18. tom_42

    14. Oct, 2008

    I was 2600$ in profit before 12 daily pro colapsed

  19. ronnied

    29. Jun, 2009

    Just was wondering how all this ended up. When first approached about joining 12DailyPro, I told the others that it was in fact a Ponzi scheme. Others vehemently disagreed and thought I was wrong. Even when everything was coming unraveled, 12DailyPro had the support of many members. Some however, knew they had been taken and were embarrased. It hurts to learn lessons like these with the loss of your hard earned cash/


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