New $10 Bill Debuts

Posted on 04. Mar, 2006 by in News

I know it’s a bit late, but in case you haven’t heard, the new “Monopoly” version of the $10 bill debuted yesterday.

The new $10 note – like the redesigned $20 and $50 that preceded it – incorporates state-of- the-art security features to combat counterfeiting, including three that are easy to use by cash handlers and consumers alike:

  • Color-shifting ink: Tilt your ten to check that the numeral “10” in the lower righthand corner on the face of the note changes color from copper to green.
  • Watermark: Hold the note up to the light to see if a faint image of Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton appears to the right of his large portrait. It should be visible from both sides of the note. On the redesigned $10 note, it is easier than ever to locate the watermark – a blank oval has been incorporated into the design to highlight the watermark’s location.
  • Security thread: Security thread: Hold the note up to the light and make sure there’s a small strip that repeats “USA TEN” in tiny print. It should run vertically to the right of the portrait.

You can read more about the new note here.

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