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Posted on 08. Mar, 2006 by in Site News

As I was thinking about what to write about today I felt as if I wasn’t giving enough attention to investing – stocks, bonds, etc. I felt like I was depriving readers of information that they might be searching for at a blog such as this. After all, stocks and bonds play a large role in personal finance.

So to help provide more information to my loyal readers I added the stock ticker that you now see at the top of the page. But, I want to be sure that it’s useful for you and not just a “gimmick.” So if you wouldn’t mind taking a few seconds and leaving a comment regarding your thoughts on the new addition I would greatly appreciate it! If you have other suggestions of things that I should add such as a business news ticker or other stocks that I should track in the stock ticker, please also feel free to let me know.

2 Responses to “Stock Ticker Added”

  1. Tom Dalton

    08. Mar, 2006

    My vote: gimmick. The stock data that I want, I get through myYahoo and other sources, and I bet that most everyone else is the same. If they’re not already getting it elsewhere, more customized than what you can provide at the top of your site, they’ll be better off switching to a different service before long anyway. I think your time might be better spent showing people how to set up their own, customized RSS feed or other system for tracking stocks that they are concerned about.

    I like your site, though!

  2. Lonely Federalist

    10. Mar, 2006

    New visitor here, introduced via Donklephant last week.

    The ticker is kinda neat, but not useful…so I guess it’d fall into “gimmick” category.

    Echoing the love of your site!

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