Watching Your Financial Weight

Posted on 10. Mar, 2006 by in Saving & Investing

fat_piggybank.gifI’m a big fan of the Wall Street Journal and usually spend at least a few minutes each day reading stories that I think might be interesting but it’s not often that I think, “Hey! That’s a good one!” However, today I stumbled across a great collection of tips regarding personal finance in a piece called Ten Ways to Watch Your Financial Weight.

The principle behind the story is to examine your personal finances in a way that you might not have before: by comparing them to something else comperable. The idea is similar to a similar post I wrote a long time ago on going back to see how those stocks you sold are doing today. By examining what you passed up or chose not to invest in, you can see if it truly was a good investment. In the same way this piece has you divvy up your money in a slew of different ways, so you look at your financial life from a variety of angles. To that end, the story lists these 10 simple calculations that you can read in their entirety here:

  1. Stocks vs. Bonds
  2. Taxable vs. Tax-Sheltered
  3. U.S. vs. Foreign
  4. Large vs. Small
  5. Growth vs. Value
  6. Active vs. Indexed
  7. Financial vs. Real
  8. Assets vs. Liabilities
  9. Income vs. Obligations
  10. Spending vs. Saving

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  1. Wei

    13. Mar, 2006

    hey, I’ve been checking your blog on regular basis, and particularly interested in this ‘Watching Your Financial Weight’,do you have the whole article? I’m not a wall street journal subscriber, just wonder if you can shower the article online.



  2. Wei

    13. Mar, 2006

    sorry i meant share, now shower:)

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