Google Finance Launches

Posted on 22. Mar, 2006 by in Business, News

google_finance.gifGoogle launched it’s new site, Google Finance, today without a lot of fanfare. And after visiting the homepage, I quickly found out why. The site appeared to be nothing special – just a small market summary and a few (10) headlines pulled from the finance section of Google News. However, to get a real feel for something you need to pop the hood, right?

So I typed in the ticker for Apple (APPL) to see what sort of stock quote information it was going to give me – and that’s where I fell in love with Google Finance. The page serves up a 5-year graph–of which a sliver is expanded to display the detail stock activity over the past few days. In addition, the detailed graph is populated with a bunch of tags [a-z] dotted along the graph that I didn’t understand until I noticed that the news stories on the right side of the screen are also lettered! It usually takes me forever to map specific announcement and news dates to the stock price to look for surprise earnings, etc. but Google does that all now for me. Awesome!

The page also contains selected financial statement figures, information on management (including pics), a list of related companies and a nice company summary. However, Google takes it a step further to include “discussions” (statements pulled from recent Google Group activity) as well as excerpts from recent blogs that mention Apple.

Be sure to poke around under the hood today yourself. As for me, I’ll be using Google Finance everyday now.

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