IRS Email Scam Rises

Posted on 04. Apr, 2006 by in News, Taxes

If you haven’t already received a suspicious looking email from the IRS this month then count yourself lucky. Thousands of people have been fooled this year by a myriad of emails – supposedly from the IRS – that tell you about your potential refund if you will only “log-in to the IRS website” and enter your personal information. I’ve written about the dangers of phishing before, but this latest attack seems to be more effective than normal because it’s tax season and people are expecting refunds from the IRS.
In response to the growing number of “IRS-looking” emails, the IRS has recently set up a mailbox at where you can report suspicious emails. The IRS’s new mail box allows taxpayers to send copies of possibly fraudulent e-mails involving misuse of the IRS name and logo to the IRS for investigation. However, due to the volume the new mailbox is expected to receive, the IRS will not be able to acknowledge receipt or reply to taxpayers who submit their bogus e-mails.

Like other companies that have been used by phishers to prey upon innocent users, the IRS has stated: “The IRS does not send out unsolicited e-mails asking for personal information. Don’t be taken in by these criminals.”

So be on the lookout this month for supicious emails and be sure to report them to the IRS in order to prevent more from being sent in the future.

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