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Posted on 04. Apr, 2006 by in Site News

I have received a few questions from readers regarding the reason behind a “feed” or RSS on a blog such as this one. While many who frequent many blogs most likely have RSS subscriptions, many people still have not been introduced to the wonderful world of RSS. RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, is a way for you to receive updates to blogs and websites in almost the same way you receive emails.
Most people “subscribe” to RSS feeds using some sort of RSS Reader or Aggregator which simply lists all of your subscriptions to your favorite blogs or websites. Everytime one of those websites or blogs is updated with a new post or new story, the RSS feed is updated and your RSS reader downloads the new story. By using RSS you can be kept up to date without having to visit a website every 10 minutes! has it’s own RSS feeds which you can subscribe to – they’re located on the sidebar to the right. To help you better understand RSS and how to use it effectively I’ve compiled a small list of sites you can visit to learn more about it. My hope is that for those of you who don’t use RSS you’ll venture out and try it for a week and see if it doesn’t help you keep better tabs on your favorite sites (like this one)!

RSS (Wikipedia) – Everything you ever wanted to know about RSS

The State of Online Feed Readers (TechCrunch) – A great resource for comparing the different RSS readers and aggregators out there

What is RSS? (ExcessVoice) – A fairly simple explanation of what RSS is and how to subscribe to a feed

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