Why You Should/Should Not Buy A Hybrid Car

Posted on 07. Apr, 2006 by in Saving & Investing

hybrid_car.jpgThe debate goes endlessly back and forth – every week I find another article supporting the wonderful advantages of hybrid vehicles only to be followed up the next week by another article explaining why hybrids are not what they are all cracked up to be. Personally I’m a big fan of hybrids – if not for the steps they take to be environmentally friendly. In addition to the “good karma” that comes from a hybrid there are also monetary benefits including gas and tax savings.

If you’re like me and have been researching the benefits/drawbacks of a hybrid vehicle I can across www.whybuyhybrid.com – a site dedicated to providing information on hybrid technology as well as sections on “Is Hybrid Right For You?” and “Hybrid Buying Incentives.” If for no other reason than to save some pennies at the pump and do the environment a good thing – check into purchasing a hybrid as your next vehicle.

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  1. Wandering Indian Monk

    07. Apr, 2006

    I am a proud owner of a Toyota Prius. It helps make 1) a fashion statement. Arent they cool? 2) contribute my bit to the environment, 3) fuel saver and the most important one 4) helps reduce my commute time. In the Bay Area, approved hybrid owners can use the car-pool lane even if they are the only ones in the vehicle. And, it helps stick to my frugal ways……

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