BeancounterBlog Redesigned… Again!

Posted on 10. Apr, 2006 by in Site News

I think it might be an addiction. I’m not really sure why bloggers like to redesign their blogs, but I have definately caught “the bug.” Ever since my first blog design, I knew I wanted “something else” but didn’t know exactly what that “something else” was. My last redesign was definately “something else” but then it felt a little drab and the header was ginormous.

As you can tell, this new design has a little more color. You know, now that I think about it, maybe bloggers like to redesign their blogs because they just get bored – it’s like wearing the same outfit everyday for a few months. And since I just happened to get a few new, colorful dress shirts from Lands End this weekend it seems fit that BeancounterBlog gets a new colorful outfit as well.

Granted, the design is not 100% complete… but I’ve tried to get as much done this weekend as I could. So let me know what you think – what you think I should change, add, or delete – since you’re the one thats’ looking at it everyday, right?

2 Responses to “BeancounterBlog Redesigned… Again!”

  1. Bullock

    11. Apr, 2006

    Long time lurker here. The new design looks great!

  2. Investorial

    11. Apr, 2006

    I love the colours! Very 9rules worthy design! Though on the homepages, when the sidebar has no more modules, that white seems out-of-place and empty. I’m all for white-space, but was that your intention? =P

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