The 10 Best Jobs

Posted on 14. Apr, 2006 by in Business, News

According to CNN Money the 10 best jobs considering their growth, pay, stress-levels and other factors are:

  1. Software Engineer
  2. College professor
  3. Financial adviser
  4. Human Resources Manager
  5. Physician assistant
  6. Market research analyst
  7. Computer IT analyst
  8. Real Estate Appraiser
  9. Pharmacist
  10. Psychologist

I don’t see accountant anywhere on that list though….

2 Responses to “The 10 Best Jobs”

  1. Jennifer

    14. Apr, 2006

    I LOVE

    Anyway, I left this comment on another blog and wanted to leave it here too. The more I think about it the more upset I get that they have pharmacist as #9. I’m a pharmacist, and the pay is great! But the job stinks. I looked at how they ‘graded’ each job. Gimme a break!!

    Pharmacist = overpaid cashier

    C’mon, if the money weren’t great I’d be gone in an instant. They give us zero time to do ‘patient care’, but they sure make it look like we do on TV commercials. Plus, there are rumors they are going to make my pharmacy open 24-7. Sorry, can’t do that.


  2. AJ

    31. Jul, 2006

    I’m with you Jennifer (sorry, just found this comment 3 months later). I’m in pharmacy school now and I’m discovering that I need to find something not in the retail world. I’m a tech now at Target and while our pharmacists are able to do a fair amount of patient counseling, it sucks to have to fold to unreasonable patients and blatant coupon abusers all in the name of “customer service”.

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