The Perks You Wish You Had

Posted on 18. Apr, 2006 by in Saving & Investing

MONEY Magazine collected a list of the perks of the perks across corporate America. Personally, I’m happy with a greak 401(k) and quailty healthcare, but these perks go above and beyond. My favorites from the list are:

At four hospitals in the OhioHealth network, concierges handle every conceivable personal chore for all 15,200 employees, from doctors to housekeeping staff. Bonded concierges on retainer from third-party provider 2 Places At 1 Time will buy a nurse’s list of groceries, then take them to her house and put them away. Or go to homes to let repair people in or dogs out. One concierge even stood on line and scored fifth-row seats to a Kenny Chesney concert

Brogan & Partners, a Michigan marketer, takes its 60 employees on annual mystery junkets – no one’s told the destination (they’ve hit Amsterdam, Iceland and the Caribbean). At UCG, a Rockville, Md. business publisher, the 1,000 workers (and significant others) are sent on a surprise, all-expenses-paid long weekend every five years.

Doesn’t this just make you a little jealous?

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