Phishing and Pharming Presentation

Posted on 25. Apr, 2006 by in Fraud & Scams

phishing_pharming_presentation.jpgAs part of my Accounting Fraud final I created a 30-45 min presentation on Phishing and Pharming including how to detect it, how much harm it does, and how to prevent from being scammed. I thought I’d throw it up here just in case someone here wanted to watch it or show some friends who might need it.

Phishing and Pharming Presentation

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  1. Jon

    25. Apr, 2006

    Sweet! I am sure that your professor will be very proud. The pharming threat seems the one to be the most feared because there is little you can do to prevent or even detect it! What recourses exist for lost identity or money from a domain that has been poisened? It wasn’t the consumers fault but a lack of security on the part of the business. Can they be held liable???

    Just some thoughts…


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