How Much Do You Know About Finance?

Posted on 27. Apr, 2006 by in Saving & Investing

test_taking.jpgI found a little survey on called the JumpStart Coalition for Personal Finance Literacy that was given to more than 5,000 high school seniors in 37 states – with interesting results. The greatest part of this test? You can take it too! That’s right – the same test is available for you and I to take. It consists of only 12 fairly “simple” or fundamental personal finance questions. Go ahead, take the test , and see how you compare with a typical High School senior.

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  1. Debt Consolidation

    13. Jul, 2007

    I took the test. Its very nice. I still got to improve in my financial knowledge.

    Managing finance is very much important. Especially if you are in a debt, you need to manage your finance with special care. That is why you always need an expert to support you.

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