Credit Cards and Casino Chips

Posted on 23. May, 2006 by in Saving & Investing

After recently writing about how to win in Vegas and many posts on credit cards I recently read an article in which I finally discovered why I “hate” the two so much.
pokerchips.jpgWhy? Because the easiest way to get someone to spend money is to trick them into thinking they’re not spending money. And what is the easiest way to do that? Disguise the money as something “fun” like a plastic credit card or small plastic casino chips – in other words – toys. Whenever you speak to someone who has mounting credit card or gambling debt they’ll tell you that charging things onto “plastic” was so easy that they never thought about the fact that they were responsible for the charges. And forget about trying to convince someone who is playing a game that the game pieces are actually worth money.

In both cases spending money has been cleverly disguised as not spending money. Are there any more examples that you can think of?

2 Responses to “Credit Cards and Casino Chips”

  1. Darrell Brogdon

    23. May, 2006

    Not only are credit cards seen as toys but often the credit card companies actually give you toys (aka, schwag) just for signing up.

  2. Anthony

    24. May, 2006

    Tranasactions that deduct the amount from the users mobile/cell phone account. Also some strip clubs get customers to swap their real cash for funny money which the club accepts for tips, drinks and private dances with strippers.

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