$5 Will Get Makeover Afterall

Posted on 03. Jul, 2006 by in News

5eurobill.gifIf you’re a fan of the new monopoly-colored $10 and $20 bills then you’re going to love this! The Associated Press is reporting that the Bureau of Engraving and Printing is changing it’s mind and will redesign the $5. The change is in response to a growing new scam in which counterfeiters are bleaching the ink off $5 notes and then printing counterfeit $100 bills on the bleached paper. Apparently before the scam took off, the Bureau thought that the $5 and $1 weren’t worth the cost of redesigning and printing. The new colors for the $5 bill and other design changes had not been chosen but probably will resemble the changes made for the other denominations. However, they have reported that Lincoln’s portrait will remain on the $5 bill, as will the Lincoln Memorial on the other side, but the presentations of both images may be updated slightly. Under the timetable, the bureau will settle on a new design for the $5 bill by fall 2007 and hopes to begin introducing the new notes in the first quarter of 2008.

Personally, I kind of like the new bills… they make me feel more European.

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  1. the Prince of Thrift

    05. Jul, 2006

    I like the new bills as well. Personally, I think we should follow England and Canada by going 100% $1 coins, getting rid of the paper there. cheaper in the long run, as coins last longer then paper and can’t be counterfeited.

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