Emigrant Direct Savings Rate Bumped to 5.00%

Posted on 05. Jul, 2006 by in Saving & Investing

Just a note that Emigrant Direct increased their savings account interest rate to 5.00%. HSBC Direct is still just 5 points ahead at 5.05% but Emigrant Direct now joins the list of online banks who are offering rates in excess of 5%. What’s your local bank giving you? With no fees and no minimum balance, online banking might be a great idea!


7 Responses to “Emigrant Direct Savings Rate Bumped to 5.00%”

  1. AJ

    05. Jul, 2006

    And here I was thinking that ING was the best out there.

  2. ChippingAway

    10. Jul, 2006

    most do, for some reason. ING’s been lagging in the high-yield savings game for quite some time now, however. Oh well, I’m sure they’ll bump it and be competitive again quite soon.

  3. AJ

    11. Jul, 2006

    I guess it is all about advertising. I had only heard about ING because of commercials. On the bright side, although it is the lower end of the field, my rate has been steadily increasing month to month.

  4. wiley one

    18. Jul, 2006

    I got a notice in the mail yesterday that Emigrant is going to 5.15 on Monday.
    Closed my ING account 2 weeks ago.

  5. Sark

    25. Jul, 2006

    Emigrant has had a pretty sad start to their “new and improved” user interface. I encountered server issues today, and that was AFTER my account had been locked on me. Currently, the site is displaying a “due to high volume this page is unavailable” message on their home page. I understand that there are bugs to be smoothed out, but it’s as if they weren’t the least bit prepared for anything.

    I did contact customer shortly after returning home from the office and only had a wait time of about 6 minutes. The representative was friendly and reset my account so I could log in again. Of course, once I got in I was immediately met with a notice that said, “we can not process your request at this time”. It’s just a tad bit frustrating, to say the least.

  6. Sark

    25. Jul, 2006

    Well, in all fairness, I was finally able to access the account and I think everything should be okay now. Emigrant Direct did post a customer service number while the site was down, but I still think they may have alienated many customers. In this day and age there is not much patience to go around, especially when talking about the Internet and the desire for convenience and efficiency.

    I’ve been with ED for over 2 years now and this was the only issue I’ve ever had.

  7. hype8912

    01. Aug, 2006

    I like there intrest rates and how it is compounded daily, but I’m already tired of having to verify 4 things just to get to my account every time. You’ve got user name and passwrod as usual except the password has to be 10 characters or more. Then I have to verify the last 4 of my social and answer 1 of 5 secret questions exactly right every time.
    Come on. Next it will be insert blood sample.

    But other than the sign on issues I like the account. It’s nice to see I’m making more interest on my savings accounts than I’m paying out in my car loans. Feels like I’m stickin to the man in way.

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