The Top 2,304 Internship Mistakes

Posted on 12. Jul, 2006 by in Business

internmistakes.jpgThink working late makes you look dedicated? Your boss might just be wondering why you can’t get your work done on time. Or is your air of confidence coming off as cockiness instead? BusinessWeek Online began a list of common intern mistakes that I thought might be good for those readers looking for internships. I was an intern once and remember all too well the mistakes I and other interns made during that summer. (Oh, I know there’s not really 2,304 but I was kind of sick of all the Top Ten lists)

The original list included:

  1. The “Oh, it’s just an internship” syndrome
  2. Misinterpreting “business casual” for “casual” (i.e. no flip-flops)
  3. Forgetting to unplug (resist the urge…must have iPod…)
  4. Being a wallflower
  5. Not participating in extracurriculars
  6. Grunting about grunt work
  7. Missing the big picture
  8. Not asking questions (BIG one)
  9. Rejecting criticism
  10. Wasting time

But I would add these as well:

  1. Leave the inter-office gossip to the full-timers (this got one intern fired)
  2. If you leave for any reason don’t email everyone telling them why (that intern was also not invited back full time)
  3. No flirting – even with other interns – it just makes you seem immature
  4. Don’t expect to be wined and dined every day – be grateful for those free meals because they probably won’t be there when you sign on full time

Basically, an internship is a privilege and not a right; so don’t have the attitude of “what can you offer me” – instead, say “this is what I have to offer you.”

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  1. Supercharged1

    27. Jun, 2010

    My internship ended early for telling a story about my freshman year in college at a dinner outside of work. Somebody decided to report it to HR and caused me alot of trouble.


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