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Posted on 14. Jul, 2006 by in Saving & Investing

billQ is a new web-based application that gives you an easy way to keep track of your bills. With billQ, you can make sure you always know exactly what you have to pay, and when you have to pay it.

I spent a little bit of time yesterday playing around with this new web application and my first impression is that billQ is a beautiful application but only serves a certain user niche. This small niche that I’m taking about is the group that is intimidated by the complexity of Quicken or Microsoft Money, but wants to do something to help keep them on top of bills. However, that’s all that billQ does. It doesn’t help you budget or track expenses so I couldn’t recommend this as a solution for anyone wishing to keep better tabs on their finances. But if all you’re doing is trying to avoid late fees then this product is perfect for you!

qBill is well designed and very simple to use – I was up and running in about 30 seconds. The application is very straightforward and requires almost no explanation which is great for the target user base. If you’re trying to combat laziness or forgetfulness the last thing you want to do is create a program that’s difficult to use and leaves you disinterested after only a few minutes.

To set up you bills all you have to do is click “Add New Bill” and enter the payee, the amount, the bill’s schedule (weekly, monthly, etc.) as well as any other notes you wish to add. Once your bills are added you can view them easily on the home page where the amounts are displayed very prominently in a sort of “to-do” list which is one feature I really liked. You can scan down your list of bills and in just 3 seconds have a good idea of what bills still need to be paid. When you do pay a bill all you need to do is click the “Pill Paid” checkbox and the bill disappears instantly until next month. I love how everything can be done on one screen and doesn’t require any refreshing or editing! This programs gets two thumbs up from me for ease of use.

The other major feature of this application is the ability to apply and track bills assigned to a group. For example, I set up a mock bill for rent and divided the amount due between a few “roommates.” As each roommate pays all you need to do is click once and you can get a great picture of who still owes you for this month’s rent.

As you can see, I really like billQ and think it does an excellent job of doing exactly what it says. That said, I personally like to sign up for automatic withdrawal/charge with any vendor because I can a) get the credit card rewards and b) not have to worry about the bill being paid on time. I still receive statements from most vendors before the bill is due so that I can dispute any charges before they are actually made – but if I forget to check that statement it is still paid on time – eliminating any late fees. But if all you’re worried about at this point is getting that cell phone bill paid on time then I would recommend you start using billQ. It’s great interface combined with the ability to be reminded of upcoming bills via email or SMS makes this a great financial web app.


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  1. Nick

    18. Jul, 2006

    Hey Jason,
    Thanks for the review. Your conclusions are right on. We designed this for someone wanting a simple solution for tracking bills. Someone who doesnt find simplicity in what Quicken or Microsoft Money does. It is not for everyone, but either is Quicken. Another thing is that billQ is web-based, which can be a deciding factor for many.

    Also, we do plan on expanding this app into more of a “suite” that will allow people to easily budget and track their money. But we need to do this a step at a time to ensure we get each part right. Right now it is a single tool, we plan to make it more of a complete financial tool chest.

    Thanks again for taking time to check out the product. Keep up the great work on this blog as well, I actually read it often.

  2. Jason Guthrie

    18. Jul, 2006

    Nick –

    Can’t wait for the updates. Be sure to send me an email or something and I’ll be sure to post more reviews as you keep adding to the “suite.” Looks very promising though if you can do for the other pieces what you did to billQ. Good luck!


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