The Attack of the BudgetBot

Posted on 18. Jul, 2006 by in Saving & Investing

If monitoring your spending in Quicken on a daily basis just isn’t enough for you then the AIM BudgetBot might just be the answer.


The BudgetBot lets you keep a close eye on your budget by making it available anywhere you have cellular phone service. Using SMS and an AIM Bot, BudgetBot allows you to text-in purchases and check on your balances. “Just spent $50 on groceries? Text 50 h to your BudgetBot and it’ll track it for you. Throughout the month, you can get a report of your progress by texting, for example, rep Jul to your BudgetBot, or get an update on your balance by texting bal.”

You should know, however, that to set up the BudgetBot requires comfort with editing and running a Perl script. It’s not too scary; but it’s not an installation wizard, either.

For full instructions including the script and video, visit Lifehacker.

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