Deal of the Day: Woot-Off

Posted on 17. Aug, 2006 by in Saving & Investing

woot.gifThere are few things that I would rather do than sleep but staying up to check out the latest Woot is one of them.

Woot is an interesting “shopping” site that only offers one product per day until it sells out. The products are “usually” tech-related (although there has been an increase in coffee makers and wine) and are offered at a discount in order to move the product. Shipping is always just $5.

I’ve purchased a handful of things from Woot over the past year – including many gifts for friends and family. But why am I talking about Woot as a deal of the day? Well, aside from the obvious savings that you can get from visiting Woot every day, today is a special day – a “Woot-Off.” During a Woot-Off, each product is replaced by a new product within a few minutes after selling out, until the end of the Woot-Off, when a regular product is listed for the remainder of the day. Woot-Offs often feature items that did not sell out during regular Woot sales, often at lower prices than originally offered. New (unique) items are also interspersed throughout the Woot-Off, along with popular items like Bags of Crap and Mystery Brand speakers.

So check out today (sooner rather than later) to see what’s selling right now as part of the Woot-Off. You can also check out the blog to see what other products have sold today as part of the Woot-Off. Oh, and to get more information that you would ever want about Woot, check out the entry in Wikipedia.


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