Travel the World in 90 Days On the Cheap

Posted on 18. Aug, 2006 by in Saving & Investing

worldtravel.jpgHow do you circle the globe in 90 days and still not break the bank? That’s the question that New York Times Reporter, Matt Gross, has been trying to answer since earlier this summer. He has catalogued his journey in a number of articles – with his latest coming from San Francisco on his way home – and has given (and gotten) many interesting and frugal travel tips along the way.

Although there was no set budget per se, he did give himself daily limits on food and lodging with the intent to eat and sleep as cheap as possible. And instead of buying one of those around-the-world flights he decided to book the first and last legs of his journey which consisted of a ticket from Newark to Lisbon on May 11 for $547 and a ticket from Beijing to San Francisco on August 11 for $898.67. To get from Point A to Point A, Matt planned to “hopscotch the globe using low-cost carriers, buses, trains, ferries and serendipity.”

His journey is quite amazing and his series of posts on traveling cheap are perfect for anyone with an itch for world travel. Check out this list of articles to follow his journey every step of the way. (registration required for but check out

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