Death by Moving

Posted on 30. Aug, 2006 by in Site News

moving_boxes.jpgMoving has always been a two-edged sword to me. On the one hand I absolutely hate every part of packing up my stuff, moving it, and then repacking it a few days later. On the other hand I do enjoy the “spring cleaning” that gets done throughout the process.

However, my most recent move has been a nightmare that I am just now starting to wake up from. My wife and I knew that moving back to the bay area was going to be tough but we never knew it was going to be this difficult to move in – which is part of the reason the posting lately has been “spotty” at best. But, after a few failed attempts to move in to places that we thought were “sure things” we have finally begun to move into our new home. And now that we have a new address I have begun the arduous task of moving our life to that address – changing billing addresses, magazine subscriptions, updating employer information, etc. And throughout this whole process I have asked myself why there isn’t a service out there that can do all this for me?

I would love to see a service called “We Move For You” that took care of all the annoying details that come with moving. I’d love to hand the service my new address and say, “Move me!” at which point the service would switch every utility, service, billing address, magazine subscription, etc. to my new address. I’ve literally spent hours on the phone already just trying to get myself a home phone line. And Internet? That’s a completely different beast! Apparently it’s very difficult to flip the “on” switch and I’m forced to wait over a week for simple DSL service.

If anyone out there wants to go into businesses and start up “We Move For You” drop me a line. Maybe together we can make the world a better place. And if not, well… at least moving won’t be so difficult!

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  1. prlinkbiz

    30. Aug, 2006

    Whoa- I have moved several times in the last few years- most recently last month myself! It is a PIA and a half! I think you are onto something… If you are serious about setting up something- find me over at NLL-

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