Open Up a KeyBank Account – Get a Free iPod Nano

Posted on 08. Sep, 2006 by in Saving & Investing

iPod_nano.jpgI’m usually not one for the sign-up gimmikry (is that a word) that others are. Most of the time it’s just not worth the time to jump through all the hoops to actually get your reward. But when I found out about KeyBank’s offer of a free iPod nano… I couldn’t resist.

So about 2 weeks ago I applied online at for their free online checking account. However, there are a few “hoops” when it comes to the free iPod offer:

  1. You have to sign up before Sept. 16th (so hurry!)
  2. You have to sign up for either direct deposit or their KeyBank credit card (I opted for the credit card)
  3. You need to keep your account open for 180 days to avoid the cancellation fee
  4. To open the account a minimum $50 deposit is required (a simple bank transfer took care of this)
  5. You’ll receive a 1099-INT for the value of the iPod

But this week I received my credit card (actually issued through CitiBank) as well as confirmation of my account opening. So now it’s just a waiting game (up to 60 days) until I get that shiny new iPod!

If you can jump through the hoops that this offer requires and can part with $50 for 6 months than I encourage you to sign up. If the hoops are too much for you then I’ll keep you up-to-date as to the progress of my own experiment.


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  1. Jonathan Ginsberg

    11. Sep, 2006

    Another “hoop” to note – KeyBank accounts are not available in every State. I live in Georgia and the iPod qualification accounts are not available to Georgia residents.

    Also, it appears that there are monthly fees for the accounts – might make the iPod deal less inviting.

    Jonathan Ginsberg

  2. Miglet

    29. Sep, 2006

    There aren’t any monthly fees on the free checking account Only on the interest-bearing checking accounts.

  3. alfmeister

    01. Oct, 2006

    Well I got my ipod nano yesterday and I’m thrilled with it. They actually sent out the new aluminum 2gb 2nd generation model valued at $149!

  4. Viet Tran

    10. Oct, 2006

    For the people that have received their ipods when did you open your account? i opened mines on the 8/14 but i have not received it yet. this saturday will be my 60day.

  5. weel

    17. Oct, 2006

    if you have opted for the credit card then you must activate it to recieve the ipod. i did not activate till the 9th of october an i recieved a delivery attempt from fedex of the ipod on the 12th of october. i guess they were caught up on the shipping problems they were experiencing. the lady at the fedex location said she had about 200 of these ipods to deliver a week. so you must activate the credit card to recieve the ipod..

  6. Q

    25. Oct, 2006

    I was waiting on the credit card approval (I wasn’t going to deposit $50, until I got the card), when I got the approval (I did not activate the card) I sent in my $50. A few weeks later I receive a letter (with my check for $50) back from them stating that the account (checking and credit card) have been closed, somehow I missed the fine print stating that the deposit must be made within 30 days. I called to reopen the account and no luck, so they suggested going to a local branch, again no luck (well I was infuritated and stated that I would take my business elsewhere, she did not even offer an alternative). To my dismay later that day a black box containing the 2 gig nano had been delivered to my home. So somehow after qualifying for the credit card I already fulfilled the requirements and I did not even have to part with $50 of my own money. Thanks Key Bank, your sales representatives need more training on upselling, she just let me go without an offer to help keep a potential customer.

  7. G Dog

    05. Nov, 2006

    Tomorrow Will Be My 60th Day. Cant Wait For This YIP EEE

  8. miike

    13. Nov, 2006

    The fine print of the offer said “until supplies last.” I signed up before Sept 9th, but didn’t have a Direct Deposit until Oct 29 (in both cases, meeting the requirements). Does anyone know if they have run out?

  9. LaurieW917

    18. Nov, 2006

    I received my Ipod just 5 days ago, so I do not think they have run out. I was told by my bank they will be fulfilling all the requests since Apple was nice enough to up the order to the 2gb newer model.

  10. Josh

    08. Dec, 2006

    I did the deal with the iPod Nano and also received the 2GB Aluminum next Gen. Honestly, one of the best deals I’ve ever come across. I just ordered up some accessories for the little puppy….I’m stoked.

  11. wifeu

    08. Dec, 2006

    I know six people that got a letter from Key Bank stating that their account was being closed. Each person had qualified for the FREE iPod. Each party had money in the account, most had applied for and received credit cards. There is NO reason given for why Key Bank decided to close the accounts.

    Obviously, Key Bank isn’t quite honest in their business dealings. The parties that got the “close your account” letter have good credit, have always maintained a positive balance (and I don’t mean just a few dollars!)

    Key Bank seems to be running a dishonest promotion. I only know one person that has rec’d their iPod. I’m meeting more people that are complaining about not getting their iPod.

    Quality of service? Their service has been poor. I know someone that opened an account in Sept. and still has NOT rec’d their debit card. How were they supposed to use their account? Another person was approved for a credit card. After over a month and a half, the bank said that they had decided not to issue the credit card. They did not send a letter informing the customer. Key Bank didn’t seem to understand why a customer would be concerned that their credit card might have been lost in the mail.

    I’ve never dealt with a bank with poorer service.
    Good luck guys!

  12. Heather

    12. Dec, 2006

    I opened my account on 9/18. Almost 3 months now and I haven’t received mine. I got an email that said it was shipping the middle of last month, but no ipod. How long did it take before you received yours?

  13. Jackie

    14. Jan, 2007

    I signed up for my account in September, turned in the Direct Depost form the middle of October, and got a letter from my local branch last week (January 8th or so) that my IPOD was ready to be picked up at the branch. I’m going to pick it up tomorrow… so excited!!!

  14. Tammy

    24. Feb, 2007

    I signed up for IPODS…One for Biz one for home. first they said I had to open a credit card. Not true.Then said I had to open online bill pay.True. I did Oct 26th for biz and home. I only got IPOD. Why i used billpay for home on oct 26th. I used Bill pay on nov 22 from biz acct. The whole time I asked if I was getting two pods. They said should be no problem…whi did I not get the second one. If I used Biz bill pay before Oct 31st I would have.You had to use the bill pay to activate. I did not know this at all. Luckily I used the bill pay for personal.Why did I not get this answer to begin with in the first place.Not fair. They will not do anything about it. It’s all my fault.I’m so ticked off. I think this is ridiculous.I’ll will be looking for another bank shortly.

  15. b

    07. Apr, 2007

    I’ve had the same experience. The cashed my check and never credited it to me.

  16. jacarr

    20. Apr, 2007

    i want these free ipod because i nevery had one

  17. Mike G.

    23. Jul, 2007

    Looks like the free nano from Key is back again!

  18. Seth

    24. Aug, 2007

    Keybank is very disappointing and can be described as the worst bank experience I have ever had. I went in thinking I will open a checking account because of the free ipod promotion. They said it is simple and I had to do is fulfill three things.. get a student credit card from them, debit card, and online bill-pay. Everything went smooth until the credit card was declined. Of course, I would not have a high credit score if any at all because like many students, I am just starting up my credit history, and thus goes with the name “student card.” They said as a student, you should have at least six months of previous credit history in order to get this card and the free ipod. There was the catch, as always, a hidden detail never mentioned. As a result, Keybank would not fulfill their free ipod part of the bargain for opening up an account. Hours spent trying to figure this out with branch managers and phone calls to numerous 1800’s and 1888’s gave me nothing but “sorry, I don’t know what to do” and “here’s another number. can i transfer you.” Their promotional deal was definately a marketing campaign to lure people into their, albeit, “sucky” bank. But lucky for them, I will never be banking with them again and will give no recommendations to others. Keybank, learn how to do banking and gain customers, not push them away for life…

  19. TC

    14. Sep, 2007

    I was one of the last to sign up. My Nano came, no problem. Closed the account 6 mo’s laer without any hassle or any charges. Perfect deal!

  20. Dorian

    11. Oct, 2007

    This is a GREAT scam Key Bank has cooked up. On August 31, I opened a student checking account online (and that was anything but easy). My initial deposit was a $50 transfer from my Bank of America account. It took until September 15 before the funds posted to my Key Bank account! Then the non-stop hoop jumping began. I did not receive ANY correspondence in the mail to inform me of my account number. Without an account number it is impossible to talk to customer service! To make a long story short, I signed up for online statements and applied for and was approved for a student credit card. The final requirement was to get a debit card. I e-mailed them to ask when my debit and credit cards would be arriving. They replied back that the credit card can take up to 14 days. They did not mention ANYTHING about the debit card so I just assumed it too would be coming in the mail. Today I called Key Bank to ask if everything has been fulfilled for my free ipod. The lady says no because I DID NOT OBTAIN A DEBIT CARD!!! Don’t banks usually GIVE those to you when you open an account with them? Then she tells me I needed to have obtained the debit card before October 5, 2007 and since it is now October 11, I do not qualify! So basically these a-holes wasted my time AND they get to keep my $50 for six months interest free or I have to pay a $25 penalty to close the account early.

  21. robin

    08. Nov, 2007

    I opened a student account on aug 31, and got my account number and then had to open a credit card, and sign up for online banking. I got everything done by 9/25 and I got my ipod 4 GB VIDEO last week. I’m very happy. If you do everything, and contact keybank multiple times until you actually get someone that knows what thery are doing (i called 3 times, each of 3 times to get someone knowledgeable…) We opened 2 accounts in my household, and each ipod offer had different requirements, which weren’t easy to fulfill (for instance 2 direct deposits or ach transfers of 100 of more) because my current bank charges $20 per ach transfer to get the deposit into keybank. I found a way around that by transferring my bank to paypal, and paypal to keybank. Free. I’ll let you know if we get the second ipod.

  22. dissatisfied customer

    28. Dec, 2007

    KeyBank is bad. CSR told me I had jumped through all the hoops when I called in November. Now in December, too late to qualify, they tell me I have not done enough. KeyBank is bad.

  23. mainah

    31. Jan, 2008

    Man I feel sorry for all you who got stuck with the 2nd gen. no video ipod, just got mine yesterday, 4gb video, seems that waiting to complain about not getting the original offered ipod payed off big. Very impressed with Key Banks level of conducting business.

  24. Pat

    08. Feb, 2008

    Somebody help me please! I fullfilled all requirements back in September/October last year and STILL havent gotten my IPOD yet– Can anyone tell me whats going on? I didn’t activate my credit card /debit card. Can anyone tell me whether I am supposed to activate them to get the ipod? Can anyone tell me whether I am supposed to actually use these cards in order to get my ipod? I read the fine prints and it said NOTHING about activating or using the card. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!

  25. thomas

    07. Sep, 2008

    this is stupid i cant beleive i even thought about trying to get that ipod where the friggon god did honesty go? you should walk in there open a bank and they should hand you an ipod hell they should have them all in a friggon basket ready to give you when you get your account this world is horrible anymore no more honest people out there

  26. thomas

    07. Sep, 2008

    this is stupid i cant beleive i even thought about trying to get that ipod where the friggon god did honesty go? you should walk in there open a bank and they should hand you an ipod hell they should have them all in a friggon basket ready to give you when you get your account this world is horrible anymore no more honest people out there

  27. ipod scam

    27. Jul, 2010

    sign up with a free checking account and get a free ipod touch? BULLSHITTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i go in there and i didnt realize there are STRINGS ATTATCHED to getting this god damn ipod touch! then u got to wait 3 fuking months to get this??? absolute bullshit! i wrote these fuk heads a nasty letter telling them about how bullshitty their advertisement is and how false and decieving it is! ya i gave those fuk heads a piece of my ipod touch mind!


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