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Posted on 11. Nov, 2006 by in Credit & Debt

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Although I’m a blogger, and participate in the largely undefined “blogosphere,” I rarely ever blog about, well, blogging. But a new service has been gaining some hype – and popularity – that I find interesting. Interesting because the service breaks the ground of traditional marketing techniques by paying for something that is actually worth its weight in gold. Instead of spending millions on flashy TV ads or clever billboards, offers to advertisers something no TV ad or billboard can… your opinion.

Consumer opinions – your thoughts on how the service at Best Buy was or how well your iPod works – drive consumers almost as strongly as traditional advertising. Although ReviewMe is not the first service to pay you for your opinion, it’s the first that seems to have created a system that works. Why does it work? Because it strikes a unique balance between the needs of advertisers and bloggers and through it all seems to produce a bone fide opinion.

This unique form of opinion purchasing stems from the fact that ReviewMe doesn’t care about what your opinion is… it just cares that you have one. In the past, services like this paid specifically for a good review (for obvious reasons) but this model often resulted in opinions that were flat out lies. ReviewMe allows you to get paid for your opinions – good or bad. In fact, on the site’s FAQ they state:

We do not allow advertisers to require a positive review. The vast majority of reviews are measuredly positive, although many do contain constructive criticism. We view this as a bonus: how else can you quickly and cheaply get feedback on a product or service from influencers?

I’ll be the first to admit that receiving money for your opinion influences your opinion in the positive… but has come the closest to providing honest-to-goodness reviews – and paying you for it.

So, seeing that I am intrigued by this form of advertising, I’ve decided to give the service a spin. If ReviewMe offers me the opportunity to review a product or service that is personal-finance related… and pay me for it… then I will take that opportunity. You’ll know that these reviews differ from my other reviews because the review will start with “Sponsored Post.” So if you don’t want to hear my paid opinion… you can quickly skip that post.


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