How 5 Millionaires Did It

Posted on 03. Jan, 2007 by in Saving & Investing

regis_millionaire.jpgYou may or may not agree, but it seems to me that most people who care about their financial position, aspire to be given that all-powerful title of “Millionaire.” Although few people achieve it, most of us work, hope, and dream of the day that we have a million dollars – and all the cool things we would buy if we had a million bucks.

Since many of us aspire to joining the millionaires club, I find it interesting to read stories about how current millionaires got there. And once you’ve read a dozen or so of these stories, you’ll quickly realize one thing: most millionaires start out just like I did – as a poor, starving student. In fact, many millionaires these days start out living in subsidized government housing after coming here from another country – which causes you to ask yourself why or how these immigrants who started with literally nothing are able to create millions. Is it just luck? Is it sheer hard work? Intelligence? All of the above?

My thoughts on how to become a millionaire is a whole other post, but I thought I would point you to an article I just read on Kiplinger’s entitled, 5 Millionaires Tell How They Did It.

Although every one of your situations is different, I am a firm believer that by reading and studying how others are able to do things it can inspire others to do the same. So study how these 5 did it, and see if you can follow in one of their footsteps.

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  1. Jorge M. Vega

    24. Feb, 2007

    It doesn’t always happen that, while surfing the net, you come upon useful, practical advice. But, in this case, it did happen! Thanks so much for this fresh take on the attainment of millionaire status.

    The discussion, and the link to Kiplinger’s article will really come in handy in the next few weeks when I go shopping for a new millionaire girlfriend.

    I figure, since the mountain won’t come to Mohammed…

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