Question of the Day: How Much Do You Spend on Hotel Rooms

Posted on 23. Jan, 2007 by in Saving & Investing

Having just come back from Christmas vacation as well as a few business trips, I have been thinking a lot about the amount that I’ve spent on hotel rooms. When booking a hotel room for myself or my family, there are a few different lines of thought:

  1. I’m never in my hotel room! This line of thought is the first to pop into my head. Why should I spend $150/night on a room that I’ll never really use? I won’t take a bath in the jacuzzi tub. I’m not going to enjoy the pull-out couch, living room, or any other amenities… because most of the time I travel to see something or someone in particular – and spend as little time as I can in a hotel room.
  2. This is my time to splurge! I’ve worked and slaved for months and now I’m going to spend my hard-earned dollars on a little bit of luxury for me and my family. And when I get home, telling friends that I stayed in the Bellagio is a lot cooler than saying I stayed at the Stratosphere.

So the question of the day is, which train of thought do you follow? Or perhaps you have an entirely new way of looking at the hotel cost dilemma…


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  1. Chirayu

    23. Jan, 2007

    I prefer to use that money to pay for more touristy / vacationy stuff (maybe it’s a cruise, food, tickets to something) than the room itself. There is a minimum level of comfort and depending on company I’ll splurge, but left to myself, I pick something midway.

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