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Posted on 28. Jan, 2007 by in Saving & Investing

I am still receiving a lot of responses from my original post about KeyBank’s Free iPod promotion. Most of the responses are from happy new owners of iPod nanos. Then there are a few in my situation. It’s been months since I first signed up for the iPod promotion, and I haven’t received an iPod, a letter about my iPod, an email about my iPod… nothing. So finally I gave KeyBank a call – actually 3 calls – to try and remedy the situation. Of course, nobody had any idea of what to do… so my complaints fell on deaf ears.

So I had given up – on the iPod and KeyBank’s customer service. That is, until today, when I received a 1099-misc in the mail for the value of an iPod that I never received. I was furious!! Mainly because I have already filed my taxes and don’t want the IRS to come question me later about some unreported income. I knew that KeyBank was sending 1099s for the value of the iPods, but I didn’t think that they would send me one even when never receiving anything!

So, after a frustrating call to customer service, I learned that nobody has any authority to do anything, that there are no records of anything – including any iPod shipments or lack thereof – and that 1099 changes can only be made by the tax department… which of course wasn’t in.

So, I’ll try again tomorrow and see if I can get any closer to obtaining either an iPod or a 1099 reversal! But one thing is for sure… as soon as the “probationary” period ends… I’m pulling my money out in a heartbeat!

4 Responses to “Keybank Free iPod Update”

  1. Mike

    06. Feb, 2007

    Did you get your nano yet?

  2. Tanning Lotion

    19. Mar, 2007

    Forget the Ipod. Run away from Keybank as fast as you can. I am still trying to get back the $25,000 they charged me for overdraft fees on an account that was never in the negative. I’ve talked to 10 different people over there and have gotten 10 different explanations. None of them made sense, but the Vice President gave the best one. I was doing so many transactions a day that their machines couldn’t keep up. How is that for explaining to a customer that they just got screwed out of $25,000.

  3. Galley

    07. Jan, 2008

    That’s what I thought about the IPod. Once I get it, I’ll close the account asap. Keep in mind that alot can happen in that time. I had to open direct deposit to get it. That meant my paycheck was in that bank, and with the quickness they managed to overdraw my account with overdraft fees! My account was in the possitive before that! When I asked them how they said they weren’t sure, that it “could have been pending transactions”. When I noted that I hadn’t made a transaction in a month and said that I wanted to close the account, they pointed out that I couldn’t when the account was in the negative. So a year later, my accounts closed, I’m still catching up from the damage, and the over $1000 dollars they ended up taking from me could’ve bought alot more than an IPod.


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