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Posted on 07. Mar, 2007 by in Credit & Debt

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I was recently commissioned to review Debt Consolidation News and thought I would share my thought about the site in a little different format that normal:

I wasn’t really going to talk about design, but with more and more money-related websites popping up everyday, design is becoming more important to me. If I’m going to stay longer than 30 seconds at a site, it has to be intuitive to navigate and easy on the eyes. Debt Consolidation News is definitely not the worst finance-related website I’ve seen, but it’s also not the most original either. The blog appears crisp and clean with plenty of whitespace and no overwhelming ads, but at the same time it leans towards the plain side with its generic-looking blog template and use of only black and blue.

Amount of Content:
Don’t let the simple design fool you; Debt Consolidation News has a TON of information regarding credit card debt, debt management, student loans, and many other debt-related categories. Although the blog has only been around since June 2006, it’s packed full of lengthy articles and coverage related to debt management and debt consolidation. I was actually surprised when I first visited the site at the amount of content it had.

Subject Matter:
As mentioned above, Debt Consolidation News is focused mainly on the elimination of debt, the avoidance of debt, and how to build up healthy credit. The blog doesn’t have a huge number of categories, but if you are looking for specific and often-updated information on debt-related topics, this might be a blog for you to add to your RSS feed.

Content Quality:
This is one area that I always struggle with. Personally, I try to write a balance between posts that are 100% original, and those that are inspired by some other blog or news story. Debt Consolidation News seems to have the same approach. Some of the posts contain intros to original content, and some do a very good job of providing informative and on-topic posts that include plenty of links to other sources for more detailed information. However, the posts are not simply link exchanges – the links actually provide more in-depth information – something that is rare these days.

Favorite Posts:
My personal favorites include:

So in summary, if you’re looking for a blog specifically focused on debt management and debt relief, then I would recommend you add Debt Consolidation News to your RSS reader… I did.



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