HP Scandal Players Plead Guilty

Posted on 14. Mar, 2007 by in Business, News

patricia_dunn_hp.jpgThe AP is reporting today that HP spying scandal players Patricia Dunn, former HP ethics chief Kevin Hunsaker, and private investigators Ronald DeLia and Matthew Depante each will plead guilty to a single count of fraudulent wire communications. I was glad that some sort of punishment was issued… until I read this:

Prosecutors said the deal calls for Hunsaker, DeLia and Depante to complete 96 hours of community service and to make restitution. Because of her health, the court will likely waive the community service requirement for Dunn, who has cancer.

Is there anyone else that thinks this deal is a joke and practically turns this sort of thing into an acceptable practice? 96 hours of community service? Seriously? And to top it all off, Patricia Dunn can run one of the largest companies in the world, but she can’t perform some community service – so she gets off completely free! Not even a slap on the wrist!?

I’m sorry, but this sort of “justice” just makes me sick. People wonder why the Enrons and the WorldComs of the world happen? It start with the small stuff folks, just like this. If you can get away with wire tapping with a slap on the wrist, then it comes as no surprise that corporate fraudsters aren’t too afraid of being caught.

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