Key Bank’s Free iPod Promotion: The Last Chapter

Posted on 20. Mar, 2007 by in Saving & Investing

key_bank_ipod.jpgCan you guess what I’m listening to right now?

If you couldn’t guess from the title to this post, I finally received my free iPod Nano from Key Bank!

I initially wrote about the promotion here, and months later wrote about my frustrations at having never received the iPod. After several phone calls and letters, I still had nothing to show for my $50 tied up in a checking account at Key Bank.

However, after I called to have them reverse my 1099-misc that they had sent me for the value of the iPod, they got down to the bottom of my little mystery in no time! It’s funny how motivated they were when it came to avoiding some paperwork.

The tax department found out that the iPod had never reached my previous address, so it was delivered instead to the Key Bank branch where I opened my account – in Utah. After a phone call to that branch they confirmed that they did, in fact, have my iPod sitting there ready to be picked up. The problem, of course, was that I am now living in California, and wouldn’t be able to pick it up. The employee offered to mail the iPod, but couldn’t spring for insurance, so I had my sister, a local college student, pick it up for me and mail it this week.

So, the question now is: was it worth it? Were the months of frustration and numerous phone calls worth the free iPod?

Maybe it’s because I’m an Apple fanboy, or perhaps because I’m a sucker for free stuff… but I thought the promotion was worth it – for me at least. As for Key Bank, they are going to lose my business in about a month, when the terms of the promotion end and I can pull out my $50 from my checking account. If I was this frustrated at their handling of my free iPod, I can’t imagine how frustrating it would be when dealing with significant amounts of my own money.

I’ll pass on Key Bank, but I thank them graciously for my free iPod!


2 Responses to “Key Bank’s Free iPod Promotion: The Last Chapter”

  1. AJ

    21. Mar, 2007

    Grats on finally getting the iPod. Your experience with Key Bank reminds me of mine with Chevy Chase Bank here in Maryland. I didn’t do any sort of promotion like you did but they are hands down the worst bank I’ve ever dealth with. It is easier to bank with Washington Mutual, who has ZERO branches out here than it is to use Chevy Chase as my main bank. That tells you something.

  2. Nelson Agordoh

    23. Mar, 2007

    i think this a great promotion, we i pod is a great gadget, but i think there is the ned for it to be promoted more in Africa in order to widen the market

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