How to Tax the Rich

Posted on 17. Jul, 2007 by in Humor, Taxes

The topic of how best to tax the rich has been debated for… a long time. The rich always complain about being the ones to bear the financial burden of everyone else, and the poor get angry at the fact that the rich are getting fat tax breaks while still buying their yachts and gold-plated toilets.

Enter Scott Adams. Don’t know him? Perhaps you know him better by what he does. He’s a cartoonist. He draws Dilbert.

But besides being a hilariously funny guy, he’s got some great ideas from time to time on how to make our country better. His newest ideas is about how to tax the rich.

What if the government could give something of value to the rich in return for paying higher taxes? It would have to be something that didn’t cost the government or its citizens any real money. How about extra rights?

I smell a deal.

For example, let’s say the super rich are granted the right to use the carpool lane even if no one else is in the car. They’d need special stickers on their cars so they didn’t get pulled over. It wouldn’t clog the car pool lane because there are so few super rich people, and half of them have chauffeurs, so they use the carpool lane already. Society wouldn’t notice the difference.

Let’s also say the super rich are exempt from jury duty. Realistically, they probably get out of serving now if they want, but it saves them the hassle of making up an excuse. Throw that extra right on the list. No one would notice.

Maybe we could also let the super rich name new streets and government buildings. They could name them after themselves, or use it as an opportunity for revenge, e.g. Carlisaputz Avenue. It wouldn’t cost the poor anything, and it might make life more interesting.

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  1. AJ

    18. Jul, 2007

    Thanks, I had forgotten that Scott Adams had a blog. I used to always read that.

  2. Wow, that is an awesome idea! Who knew that the creator of Dilbert would be such a genius?!

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