Rights versus Resposibility

Posted on 01. Aug, 2007 by in Business, Income & Expenses, Saving & Investing

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I’m a strong believer in responsibility. I’ve ranted before about how I believe that people are too quick to claim their rights and far too slow to admit or assume any responsibility.

I realize this is a blanket statement, but apparently I’m not the only one who has seen this trend. Jeff Zaslow at the WSJ recently wrote an articled entitled “Blame It on Mr. Rogers” where he attributed this sense of entitlement to Mr. Rogers and his habit of calling everyone “special.” The article wasn’t written literally – and certainly wasn’t a jab at Mr. Rogers – but the article created quite a stir and over 1,000 people contacted him about it.

So Mr. Zaslow followed up his Mr. Rogers article with another one called “The Entitlement Epidemic: Who’s Really to Blame.” Instead of blaming only one single dead celebrity (yes, I’m using that term loosely) he lists several reasons why children and young adults today seem to have the innate sense of entitlement, including:

  • Indulgent Parenting
  • Consumer Culture
  • The Self Esteem Movement

I won’t take away from Zaslow’s article, but I will share my favorite quote.

Susan Lewis, who teaches at University of Maryland Eastern Shore, calls the cellphone “the world’s longest umbilical cord.” At her school, when students don’t like their grades, some come up after class, hand over their cellphones and say, “My mom wants to talk to you.”

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