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Posted on 01. Sep, 2007 by in Site News

I know this has nothing to do with personal finance, so bear with me.

Any other parent who reads this blog will understand my reasons behind throwing together My kids, like most, say the funniest, cutest, or most embarrassing things throughout the day. Sometimes it’s funny because they’re learning to master this silly language we call English. Sometimes they try to mimic my wife and I and spout off adult-like language from their little three year-old mouths. But many times my wife and I have turned to each other and said, “we should write that down.”

Enter We created the blog to help us jot down those funny, cute, and embarrassing quotes in a way we can share with friends, family, and the web in general. However, we’ve also set up a contact form that anyone can use to submit their favorite quote.

So if you’re looking for a daily dose of childish humor, check out, and be sure to tell us your favorite quotes!

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  1. mason

    25. Oct, 2007

    Nice resource, very interesting reading…e


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