Congress Tries to Keep the Internet Cheap(er)

Posted on 01. Oct, 2007 by in News

Anyone know what happens on November 1st? Anyone? Anyone?

If nothing is done to prevent it, the ban on internet taxes will be lifted and states will be allowed to begin taxing you for internet usage. That’s right, in an effort to spur internet growth in 1998, the government banned most states from collecting taxes on internet services. (Those that already had internet taxes on the books in 1998 could continue to collect)

However, that ban is set to expire on November 1st and Congress has been meeting to decide whether to continue the ban on a temporary or permanent basis.

“In a little over a month, Americans will be forced to pay more to access the Internet, receive e-mails on their BlackBerries and use the Internet on their cell phones if the Democratic leadership refuses to allow the Senate to debate and pass this legislation,” said Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, who is co-sponsoring a bill to make the Internet tax ban permanent.

In fact, internet service providers estimate that the price of the internet could rise by as much as 17 percent if the ban is allowed to expire. Most of them favor the bill, backed by McCain, which would make the bill permanent, but there have been several people that have been dragging their feet.

So as always, if you have an opinion on the matter, be sure to contact your congressman and let them know!

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