Should Congress Enact a War Tax?

Posted on 01. Nov, 2007 by in News, Taxes

Top Democrats are proposing a “war surtax” to pay for the war in Iraq. Although plenty of Democrats and Republicans are opposed to the plan, it’s an interesting idea.

The surtax would be a percentage of your tax bill, and if you don’t like the cost, then shut down the war. It’s a backhanded way of cutting off funding to the war, but it does put more power into the hands of the people. Right now, Congress does not necessarily want to cut off funding to the war because that would signify a lack of support for the troops. And as taxpayers… we don’t seem to care. We don’t seem to care about the ridiculous cost and strain on our resources – because we obviously haven’t been vocal enough to spark change.

But you know what would prompt change? Feeling the cost of war in your very own pocket.

The measure – sponsored by Obey, Rep. Jack Murtha, D-Pennsylvania, and Jim McGovern, D-Massachusetts – would require low- and middle-income taxpayers to add 2 percent to their tax bill, while higher-income taxpayers would add 12 to 15 percent.

“This is the first time in American history that when a president has taken a country to war and said ‘by the way folks, we’re going to have to sacrifice and the way to sacrifice is by cutting your taxes.'” Obey said. “It makes no sense.”

So regardless of your political views, what do you think about a war surtax – for the current war in Iraq or any other future conflicts? Is the best way to sacrifice for our country include paying additional tax?


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  1. Stop Spending My Money on Your War!

    21. Jan, 2008

    I have a better idea. Sell bonds with no interest and a 30 year payback. Only the money that is raised thru those bonds bonds can be used in Iraq. Now let’s see how many of these chickenhawk neocons put their money where their mouths are. Stop spending my money on your war!

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