RepairPal – Taking the Mystery Out of Car Repair

Posted on 27. Jun, 2008 by in Saving & Investing

I found this little gem the other day on There are 2 things I love about this site:

First, RepairPal offers a time-saving method of obtaining all the relevant information conscientious consumers need. It provides impartial, fair price estimates, the most comprehensive auto shop directory, and expert insights and advice from certified mechanics. The site has a unique, patent-pending system relies on multiple sources of difficult-to-acquire proprietary data that has never before been available to consumers.

And second, RepairPal also provides a centralized online location where your records can be maintained for the entire ownership cycle of your vehicle. Emails will remind you of an upcoming oil change or scheduled service (coming soon).

And best of all… its free! If you own a car you should bookmark this site!


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