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Posted on 26. Nov, 2008 by in Saving & Investing

There are a lot of ways to make your dollar go farther.  The most successful way is to not spend money.  That’s a great strategy if you want a dull and dreary life.  The current state of the economy will affect each of us differently.  Some may go relatively unfazed, while others will feel a real pinch.  Here are some we’ve used in my household to stretch our dollars.

Use the Library – I put this first, because it’s pretty basic.  Granted this works best for the readers out there, but many public libraries have DVD collections as well as books.  My local library in Sunnyvale, CA has a fair collection of movies that’s also relatively current.  If you aren’t into sitting around reading books, libraries also carry a selection of audio books (CD and Cassette).  Libraries are great, because they are free and environmentally safe too.

Employer Discounts – A lot of larger employers have deals with other companies to give employees discounts.  These discounts can range for 5%-15% off.  The holiday sales can make the discounts even better.  Last year I was able to save over $200 on an iMac through my employers discount program with Apple combined with the Black Friday discount Apple offered.

Coupons – This is not just little old ladies trying to get $.50 off of their Geritol.  Couponing has approached Olympic sport status.  Some of this depends on where you live, but when done right, you can save tons of money.  The key to coupons is being able to combine them with sales.  Pinching Your Pennies is one website that helps shoppers find great deals.  It’s not unrealistic to get $100 worth of groceries and give up a mere $20.  This can take a little work, but some areas have pretty detailed lists of deals that cut the work significantly.

Those are three ways you can stretch your money and still enjoy life and the holidays.  One thing to keep in mind is you’re not saving money if you buy stuff on sale that you wouldn’t normally buy.


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    02. Dec, 2008

    Another way to cut back is to not eat out and to watch the little indulgence purchases.

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