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How to Tax the Rich

Posted on 17. Jul, 2007 by .


The topic of how best to tax the rich has been debated for… a long time. The rich always complain about being the ones to bear the financial burden of everyone else, and the poor get angry at the fact that the rich are getting fat tax breaks while still buying their yachts and gold-plated […]

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The Story Behind U.S. Currency Portraits

Posted on 10. Jul, 2007 by .


Have you ever wondered where the pictures on your $20 bill came from? A fellow 9rules member posted an interesting look at the original portraits that were used in the design of U.S. currency. It’s worth a read.

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Tax Breaks for Leprechauns

Posted on 15. Aug, 2006 by .


If you don’t read the Dilbert Blog – you should. That things cracks me up every single day! Scott Adams seems have this uncanny ability to turn anything he’s talking about into a hilarious and sarcastic rant. And since his post yesterday was personal finance related (as much as tax breaks for leprechauns can be) […]

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Boardwalk and Park Place Now Only Accept Debit Cards

Posted on 31. Jul, 2006 by .


It’s not very often that I have the opportunity to write about my favorite game so frequently, but following up on the post about how to win at Monopoly comes news that the game is undergoing more changes. Parker has decided to phase out the colorful bills we all know and love and introduce kids […]

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How to Win At Monopoly

Posted on 25. Jul, 2006 by .


My family hates to play monopoly with me. Why? Because I always win. I don’t think it’s because of some great scheme I have or some super-secret strategy. I win because I love money, and I can usually convince family members to enter into some side contract that benefits me more than it benefits them. […]

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